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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 27, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new security concerns tonight after a vital substation is targeted again. holes cut through a fence and heavy equipment stolen and the thieves , they are still out there. what is being done now to protect our power grid? good evening. i'm dan ashley. ama dates is off tonight. that substation is south of san jose on metcalf road off highway 101. it was vandalized when a sniper opened fire destroying 17 transformers and six circuit breakers. that attack cost more than $15 million in damage. and now another security breech. tiffany wilson is there live. tiffany? >> well, dan, on a typical night it is very dark and very
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quiet here. last night was not a typical night. >> as traffic zipped over 101, steve ?iped through the chain link fence. not once, not twice, but three times. the individuals cut holes large enough to enter the metcalf substation and steal construction equipment and heavy power tools like this. the preliminary investigation suggests human error with pg&e blaming the security team for not adequately addressing the fence alarms. the break in was reported at 7:30 this morning. >> i certainly understand that the public wants to know how this happened and we also want to know how this happened. >> the theft comes 16 months after a ?ieber took aim -- a sniper took aim and shot out 17 transformers. despite a $250,000 reward, no arrests have been made. >> we don't have any evidence to indicate that it is a larger plot and it is ccted to any incidents.
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and is connected to any incidents. they -- >> after the sniper attack pg&e pledged a $100 million security upgrade for its most vulnerable substations. tonight the security upgrade involved deputies checking id's and crews repairing the fence. in south san jose, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> they just faced an earthquake and then came the wildfire racing toward their homes. it happened in vallejo where 37 and 29 meet. a dozen houses in the path of the flames. abc7 news reporter alan wang is there live with the story. alan? >> and dan a fire this size could have been stamped out quickly, but this was burning in a marsh. that marsh runs up to a nab. to a neighborhood. >> it was a stubborn wildfire that was hard to reach and going toward homes in vallejo. >> they said don't go back in
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your house. i really did get nervous. >> barbara mcdermott could see the flames approaching her backyard. >> that fire was burning. it was cracking. >> much of the marsh land near the interchange was too soft for the heavy engines. so firefighters battled it on foot as it burned through toolly grass seven feet high. >> it is dense and it takes a lot of water to penetrate down to the water. and with the wind conditions this time of day it got a lot of spread from the wind. >> firefighters who believe it started in a homelessen encampment couldn't truck water into the field fast enough. >> we knocked on doors and letting everybody know that the backyard is on fire. >> then the helicopter swooped in. showering the flames with water from the napa river. after nearly two hours firefighters from at least six agencies saved the neighborhood.
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in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. to the latest now on the napa earthquake. inspectors found more damage. tonight a total of 116 buildings are red tagged. up from 103 yesterday. nearly 500 customers remain without water and repairs continue. napa valley college is opening its locker room showers to the public to help out and several streets are closed including franklin from first to clay which will be closed for two weeks from what we understand. that's where reporter cornell bernard is standing by live. cor medical. cornell? >> they are very much trying to remain open and a lot of streets are still closed. the water quality is still a big concern as the neighbors try to move forward. this quake damaged chimney is coming down and they are removing it stone by stone.
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homeowner and world war ii vet is supervising from a safe spot in the driveway. >> that chimney was quite a piece of the house here. >> are you sorry to see it go? >> yes. >> it it toppled dozens of other chimneys in napa. local schools reopened for the first time since the quake and many students were still on edge. >> we felt a small shake over there, but we were okay. >> parents got this disturbing message from the principal. >> we were informed this morning to not drink the water on campus. the city of napa is testing it and will let us know sometime today. >> as a precaution the school's water fountains were shut off and the students were given bottled water. >> i was confused on why the school was open if we president couldn't drink the water. >> kim kelly is keeping lots of bottled water on hand for her and daughter marissa.
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she still doesn't trust the water coming out of her tap. >> it looks a little yellow. i would rather air on the side of caution rather than take a chance. >> the city of napa will repair all broken pipes until friday. until then they urge residents who lost water service after the quake to use bottled water for drinking or cooking. cornell bernard, abc7 news. boys and girls are lending a hand for the rebuilding effort. it is the napa cheer organization. they veesed it businesses to give them water. they said the kids wanted to give back to the people who always helped them. >> this is the future of napa. we depend on a lot of these businesses for help and support we want to show them that we are supporting them. >> bradley says the kids are having a good time and the workers, they are certainly thankful for the water. geologists say the epicenter was directly beneath
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the napa valley marina off buckley station road. that's southwest of where the epicenter was first thought to be. of course things change as the hours and the days progress after an event like this and they get a little more information in and analysis. a lot more to bring a major communications hub is red tagged. did the napa quake compromise the valley's 9-1-1 system? dan noyes investigates. what he found in an i team investigation. and tesla has big plans for its plant, but will fremont sign off on them? why you may see much more of this car company. and this man is voluntarily letting a lion out of its cage. you have to see what happens next. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. fog will start off with the morning commute and how will your holiday weekend shape up? first here is jimmy kimmle. >> thanks. here is a sneak peek at our newest television masterpiece.
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front. pran -- [inaudible]. >> it is my daughter-in-law and my son can't get through to 9-1-1 and she is passed out. >> those are some of the first 9-1-1 calls after sunday's quake. the california highway patrol received 450 calls in the first hour.
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many of the calls were from people asking if there was an earthquake which delay edition patchers -- delayed dispatchers to get to the real emergencies. they say to call for emergencies and not to get information. a major hub took a big hit in sunday's quake. it has been red tagged, but the city officials allowed it to stay open because it is a essential service. it is something you can see only on abc7 news. >> the office has the highest classification in the building code. category 4. the communication center is required for emergency response. it provides 9-1-1 and wireless service and phone and internet to everyone living in the napa valley. a massive concrete wall gave way. >> it is red tagged, but it is still open.
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>> it is red tagged and open because it is essential for northern california for infrastructure for phone. >> the wall came down in tact. and when the back up generator failed, the facility had to go to stand by batteries. now crews have brought in this generator and this massive cooling unit to keep the computer servers while the building is being repaired. >> they are working day and night to get the service back up to continue normal operations. >> alex cory declined to be interviewed. he sent an e-mail that reads in part, our network is performing well and sustained minor damage. technicians worked for needed repairs and all services are needed normally. cory did confirm some cell and
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land line service was out on sunday morning. emergency officials tell me they lost wireless four times. >> my cell phone i had a hard time getting to my inspectors doing an assessment. i could text and most wouldn't go through. the 9-1-1 system remained on-line, but it affected the computers in the police and fire units. >> both in terms of the field units and in the dispatch we had display issues and temporarily we had radio contact which is the primary way of communicating . it was about the eight small red brackets that carried the weight of the concrete wall. >> i talked to some of the workers who work in that building and they were surprised that just the brackets held up the wall. was that an approved design? >> it would have been at the time.
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>> a a t and t is good -- at&t is good at getting permits. but they will need a better design to meet current quake standards. by the way, i am hosting the -- posting the entire state at at&t >> if you have a tip call 1-888- 4thei team. dan will get to work working on it. >> a family says they are devastated after discovering their dog was severely beaten after a home burglary. two boys 13 and 14 years old are accused in a series of home burglaries and suspected of bludgeoning this dog who had to be put to sleep. sparky was discovered badly injured at the family's home. police believe teenagers used a golf club to beat the dog. both are now in juvenile hall. retrofitting work shutdown
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a major free in 15 hours. northbound lanes of 280 from the 101 split to the king street off-ramp will be closed starting at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. this video from a cal traps camera shows the 280, 101 junction. the freeway will re-open after labor day. they hope it will be in time for the morning commute. new at 11:00, tesla has a big plan to promote its cars and i mean big. the electric car company wants to put up a 6300 square foot advertising space outside its fremont factory. the city report reveals that the sign would be perched on a 10-foot column. the planning commission is set to vote on the sign tomorrow night. we will see what they do. new at 11:00, a story of. >> from tragedy. 5* victim of the boston marathon bombings credits it with leading him to a new life and a new wife. james castello and nurse chris
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staw -- christa dagnast nie o tied the knot. they met while he was in the hospital recovering from serious injuries in the bombing of 2013. nearly every vendor involved in the wedding and the honeymoon donated their services to this couple. you heard of bear hugs, well how about a lion hug? check out this incredible moment. jonathon hawkins unlocks the gate to the lion enclosure and the cat jumps and leaps into his arms. you can even hear the cat purring. no kidding. the two embraced for 30 seconds. hawkins a teacher who lives in south korea says he has always had a special touch with large animals. tropical storm marie is churning up some big waves on the west coast. surfers are taking advantage of the huge swells in newport beach. some waves were as big as 30 feet. that's the biggest since
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19mint 7. the storm brought bigger waves north. surfers in santa cruz enjoyed the waves, but will they be there tomorrow? sandhya patel has a look at the forecast. really unusual. >> those are pretty big waves. no doubt about it in southern california. tomorrow they will see the surf continue, but slowly subsiding. shear a look at live doppler 7hd and watching tropical storm marie. look how far away it is. this is an estimate. 737 miles away, but it still continues to kick up the swell. we have a marine weather statement for our coast. current wave heights are 5 to 9 feet and southerly swell 6 to 8 feet. so unusually stronger than normal currents. it will come down in time to enjoy the beach. just in case you are afraid to go. 24r* is good reason you might not want to go down to southern california at the beaches. ventura and los angeles counties are under a high surf advisory until 6:00 p.m.
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friday. we will continue with isolated 30-foot waves. of course that is dangerous for swimming and surfing. the current wave heights in the five to nine-foot range. fog on live doppler 7hd and mott just in the coast, but in over the bay as well. looking a little different than it did yesterday at this time. the high temperatures came up as we promised. low to mid-nineties in the inland valleys. it was into the 80s in the north bay. 70s right around oakland and richmond and 69 in san francisco. here is a live view from our exploratorium camera. temperatures in the 60s. mild from san francisco to san jose. half moon bay, 59 degrees. overcast skies from the emeryville camera is what you might be running into. temperatures in the 50s except in the east bay. we are looking at inland areas in the upper 60s. pretty good view of sfo right now. doesn't look like delays, but
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foggy at the coast tomorrow morning and mild to hot. and we are looking at dry weather for the holiday weekend. here is a look at the tropical storm. here is what is going to happen. some of the midand high level clouds will drift in our direction. as we make holiday plans expect filtered sunshine. no rain is expected. by saturday afternoon those high clouds will be thinking out and going into your sunday and monday. watch out for the fog tomorrow morning. could be slow going. mid50s to the low 60s. gray skies coming across the bay for your ferry ride. 84 in the south bay in san jose. 94 gilroy and occasional high clouds on the peninsula and 82 in redwood city. the fog will hold on to pacifica daly city. 70 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay low 90s calistoga, napa, 85 in santa rosa, san rafael. a nice day in the east bay, mild, sun, 76 oakland.
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inland spots will get hot again, 94 brentwood and accu-weather seven-day forecast, heat backs off a bit. mid60s to the low 90s. we will keep you in the midto upper 60s and then to the low 90s range. 80s on tuesday and wednesday. >> love it. thanks. larry beil is here. good baseball stuff. >> giants and a's. a lot of drama. buster posey is heating up at the right time. two homers last night and saves his best for last tonight. sports is next.
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good evening. every a's game feels like root canal right now. even the winds require you to bite down hard for three hours. case in point tonight in
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houston the a's hoping to finally get the bats going before their big series in anaheim tomorrow. 1-1 in the seventh and coco crisp and high and deep and aloha. into the crawford boxes. 2-1a's. astros answer. game tied at two and next batter. up the middle. 3-2stros. stanford and sam i am. two-run homer and they hang on to win it 5-4. the angels also won and they stay one back heading to anaheim tomo giants and rockies, all by myself, all by myself. don't wanna be -- >> the safety squeeze brings in matt duffy. cory dickerson and splash down and we are tied at one. he gave up the one run and
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their fans had their 200th career strikeout. buster posey sends everybody home. good night, game over. drive home safely. he is on fire. the giants are a winner 4-2. caroline wozniacki found
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atherton surprised everybody including herself winning her match at the u.s. open. on the court tonight, five seed sharapova taking on
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romania. picking it up in the third and match tied at one set apiece and sharapova with the forehand for the winner. fought back and match point and sharapova advances 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. caroline wozniacki can't return the shot because the racket was wrapped around her long hair. she is trying to swing and ends up giving herself whiplash with a ponytail. ended up winning her match and moves on to round three. even she is like, really? >> bizarre.


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